Trust In Your Intuition

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I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog. I just started writing with no clear idea in my head but let’s see what happens. Actually, I’m lying. I have an idea but I just don’t know if it warrants an entire post. Anyhow, my point is there won’t be much structure for this entry and for that I apologize ahead of time.

In the last couple days, my girl and I have been discussing the notion of dating and relationships. I won’t put her situation out there like that because I would never betray her trust but what I can say is that, they have been dating for only let’s say 3 months and they are already having problems that couple’s have. She asked my opinion and I told her flat out, “leave it alone”. So many red flags and caution factors are presenting itself much too early in the game for me to say, “suuuuure, go ahead and pursue this”. My thing is, if you are experiencing such defeat and miserable-ness so early in a “relationship” and you haven’t even become an official couple yet then WHY continue? All that static to me is nothing but a headache, stress and an almost clear sign that whats meant to be, isn’t that at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know no one is perfect and people are going to have their share of walls to climb and rivers to cross BUT that doesn’t mean they have to climb walls the first week in or wade through waters the first month out, feel me? I just think life is too short and there are too many men / women out there to focus on one that is giving us nothing but a hard time. If they can do that THIS early then what will it be like when you REALLY get to know someone and you see more of their faults? The faults that are hidden from you, either by accident or on purpose, in the “getting to know each other stage”. By THEN, you have invested so much time and feelings and maybe even your love. By THEN, you wanna hang onto what you’ve started and are willing to work it out. By THEN, you’ve already run yourself ragged.

My mentality these days is to just live your life as it comes and be aware of all the bullshit thrown at you. Don’t waste your  time but enjoy it. Don’t focus on one person that stresses you out or mistreats you. There is someone better that will treat you the way you KNOW you deserve to be treated. I didn’t always feel this way. It’s been like this for me for about 2 years but has come on strong in the past year. I’m just much too focused and happy right now to have anyone, man, woman, family, friends, or a lover, come into MY life and throw ME off balance. I have enough shit going on to do that to myself. I don’t need someone else coming in making it hard. I want someone to grow with, to build with. Someone that knows we WILL have our problems but we WILL work them out. Together. Not have spats and play games and not talk to each other for days on end. I don’t want that for my life and I won’t have that for my life.

People tell me all the time I don’t look my age and you want to know why that is? It’s because I live with no drama and stress. I’m able to age at the rate I want, which is slowly and gracefully. I’m not about to make anyone age me before I’m ready! LOL.

In closing, just respect, value and honour yourself. No one will look out for you the way YOU can.  The most important advice I can give you and should be heeded here is to ALWAYS trust your gut, trust in your intuition. I’ve learned the hard way what can happen if you don’t. If you have doubts about someone or something, if you know you are being wronged in any capacity, if you know you deserve better, WHY stay in a relationship, friendship, job situation and etc? It’s easier said than done, sure, but it’s your life and you have to take control of it. You have the power to make life what it is. And … if you know these things about people, and you carry forth anyway, you have no one to blame but yourself.


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