First Degree Murder Charges Laid Against Mother In Baby’s Death

28 March 2009 at 11:57 am (News) (, , , , , , , , )

This has my stomach in knots and makes me so very sad. The location of the crime is not even five minutes from my house and even less steps from my school.

Peel police have charged a mother with murder in relation to the discovery of a baby’s body in a car parked at an underground garage in Mississauga on Friday.

Bolton woman Nadine Bernard has been charged with the first degree murder of her 18-month-old son.

Police were called to the parking garage on 1 Robert Speck Pkwy at 7:50 a.m. this morning. An arrest was made a short time later.

Police say the 34-year-old worked in the office building of the parking garage where the body was found near Square One mall.

Police say they are treating the incident as a “domestic-related homicide and suicide attempt.” The mother was treated in hospital before appearing in court, where she was remanded in custody.

Bernard has two other children, who are being kept safe by police. There are reports that the family was known to Children’s Aid Society.

Police say the baby’s cause of death will not be released. The murder is Peel Region’s sixth homicide of the year.




  1. Ex Girlfiend said,

    This topic is quite trendy in the net right now. What do you pay the most attention to when choosing what to write about?

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      to be honest, im a self proclaimed information junkie. i usually write about and post music first and then go to news and entertainment, and whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.

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