All Things New.

14 February 2009 at 4:06 pm (Life)

I am so excited with regards to the turn my life has taken.

All of it good. None of it bad. I’ve never been a very religious person but I’ve always had a very open and honest, yet private relationship with God. I’ve been praying a lot lately to have a second chance at a lot of things. Personal and professional. I tired of being that person who wanted romance and real love in their life. I realized that just wasn’t important anymore. And it definitely wasn’t on the top of my list. With the economy crashing around me and lay offs happening to friends and family, I just became thankful to have a job. A steady pay cheque. I stopped complaining about it as much as I used to and was just thankful.

Then the inevitable happened. I got word I was being laid off. In some ways I can’t say I was surprised because it had been slow around the office but I was always hopeful. And I knew there was no replacement for me, so I hoped it wouldn’t happen. It was gratifying to know that I wasn’t being let go and my bosses were ok with it. They weren’t. It showed in their faces and demeanor.

I started to panic and worry. I had responsibilities. Bills. I had a child. I knew that there would be a chance for me to find work but how long would that take? And at what cost? I hate to sound like a cliche but that’s when I had an epiphany.

I was told on Friday Jan 31 that I was going to be laid off and my bosses afforded me the opportunity to work 2 more weeks so that I could collect another two and a half weeks of pay. I said, yes, I’m going to work. I was upset at them for letting me go but at the same time I understood. I didn’t want to burn any bridges and I definitely didn’t want to piss them off because I would need and want a reference should any new employers ask for one. So, I worked. It was hard. But I got through it. Anyway, I’m rambling.

I was told on the 31st I was being laid off and about 4 days later I had an epiphany: GO BACK  TO SCHOOL.

I’d always wanted to go back but I didn’t think it was possible or financially feasible. But I figured now is the right time. There is no time like the present time to update my skills and educate myself in a different field. A field where I can have a career. Not just a JOB but a career. I started looking into it and researching. I found out I wouldn’t be able to start University until September (of course, as all Winter programs were now closed). That was much too far away for me given certain things I had to deal with, so I started looking into private colleges. I researched quite a few and spoke with some education consultants but ONE in particular stood out to me. I went in for a consult and interview and I have never in my life felt so happy and GOOD about a decision I made. I was worried about finances and living expenses. I was concerned about many things, most things involved money.  I went there on high alert, my skepticism piqued but left feeling free and with a big smile on my face. I’d like to note that that day, the sun was shining and the temperature was high. My spirit was so positive. Nothing was going to wreck my day. That was on Fri, February 7th.  I had to get some paperwork filled out and completed from a few different sources and I’m proud to say I’ll be back in school on Tues, Feb 17.  In just two weeks, TWO WEEKS, I got my shit together and made a positive change in my life. And I did it on my own, with no one’s help, but by the grace of God. I wasn’t about to sit on my ass to collect welfare or live off the system. Or complain about how hard times are. There ARE options.  You just have to be willing to see them. And be open to what God puts in front of you. God helps those that help themselves. God helped me.

I am over the moon about this because I am finally doing what my heart has wanted but my body and brain didn’t have the guts to do. When you are stuck in a job, a 9-5, with a steady cheque, you get complacent. You know that’s where you supposedly belong and you don’t want to leave whats sure for something unsure. In my case, I didn’t want to leave my job for something unsure (IE. school). I know it doesn’t make much sense but in my mind, at the time, it did. However, looking back, when I got laid off I figured that it was more than likely a blessing in disguise and the opportunity was there, the door was open … all I had to do was walk on through it. And now, here I am. 

I’ll be studying to be a medical office assistant. The health care field has always called my name, and I’m excited I’ll now be a part of it. If I had a $1 for everytime someone asked me to be their night nurse upon hearing my news I’d be rich – lol.  In Ontario right now, the health care field will grow by 40% in the next two years. The job force will expand greatly. With me doing a 9 month program along with a 4 week internship, I’m hoping to become employed almost immediately after graduation.

I look forward to my new life I’m creating for myself and my daughter. But I more look forward to all the opportunities and characters this new move will bring into my life.

God is good. And he DOES listen. If ever I believed something so much, it would be that God is always on our side.

Many blessings.



  1. Eddie King said,

    Dear Corprah,
    I’m so happy to hear that you’ve taken a negative thing in your life and turned it into a very positive opportunity! There’s a lot to be said for the power of prayer, and still more to be said for your ability and willingness to hear the answer! God bless you in all you do!!
    Eddie King

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you so much! i’ve always appreciated your kind words. i’ve been meaning to update on how my first week went. check back soon for that 🙂

  2. Forge said,

    congrats, i’m going back to finish my engineering degree soon 🙂

  3. Forge said,

    oh yeah

    pon di schoolwork

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      PON DI HITTIN THE BOOKS! lol. thanks, Forgey <3.
      and as for you .. congratulations yourself! how much longer do you have to go?

  4. Update: All Things New « Corprah Lanfrey said,

    […] 5 March 2009 OLD CORPRAH ARTICLE: […]

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