A Tragedy Is A Tragedy

28 October 2008 at 10:04 am (Celebrity, News) (, , , , , , , , , )

In light of Hudson family muder mystery, I wanted to write a blog on something that was expressed to me last night:

“Yea, I feel bad for her and all but it’s not like I  know her or anything. I didn’t know her mom. Why am I  gonna get all upset about it?”

Heartless is how I look at that comment. I’m sorry. Famous or not, someone lost their mother, their brother. Someone lost their CHILD. Apparently, this person isn’t the ONLY one with this attitude. Some people don’t  seem to understand why there is so much media attention surrounding this story. I, for one, am floored that people would have to ask such a question. They’re saying it’s because jennifer Hudson is famous. I disagree. I don’t even think thats it. A tragedy is a tragedy.  I’m sure her celebrity plays a part but it’s moreso the sensational and brutal nature of the crime. And of course, there was a missing child, whom has since been found dead. Think about the stories you hear in the news of murder and kidnapping. Lacy Peterson wasn’t famous at all.

Regardless of what the situation is, a family was torn apart. A family is in mourning and suffering. The public has the right to be upset. Her fans have the right to be upset. What’s so wong with being a compassionate human? The matriarch of the Hudson family was murdered. Her son and grandson’s lives cut short. Who cares WHY this story is getting all the media attention. Pray for the family of these victims and don’t question why.

You don’t have to KNOW someone to display empathy. This is a horrific crime. Point blank, period. End of story. Compassion goes a long way here. 

At the end of the day I don’t understand how people can sit there and say things like that. I’m a compassionate human being and I feel the same way for Jennifer’s family as I did for Lacy’s family and any other story I’ve heard in recent memory. Empathy is a HUMAN emotion. Not an emotion only saved for the people we are familiar with. 

For those people that are guilty of this crime. You are (a) coward(s). You are disgusting and I hope you are caught and charged to the fullest extent of the law. To murder anyone, is of course wrong, but to harm and/or kill an innocent child, in my eyes, is one of the most heinous crimes one could ever commit.

All I can do is be thankful I’m not in Jennifer’s shoes because God only knows how she and the rest of her family are coping and holding up. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to go through something like this. My prayers and thoughts are with them at this time.


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