Clay Is Gay!?!? NO WAY!

24 September 2008 at 4:57 pm (Celebrity, Entertainment, Funny Things, Music, Why Is This News?) (, , , , , , )

This motherfucker knows we all knew he was gay from day one. There is NOTHING wrong with being gay (at least to me) but he needs to stop acting like his ass came out the closet. We already KNEW Clay Gayken. Gosh. The reason he came out is because he “didn’t want to lie or keep anything from his son”. Come on, Clay! We all knew you were gay LONG before you and your “friend” had a baby! Give the world some damn credit. You didn’t need a People cover to come out. You just had to look like you, dammit!


Almighty Father in Heaven, is he wearing makeup!?

Gay Ol Time

Gay Ol' Time



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