Elliot Yamin – Wait For You

18 September 2008 at 6:51 pm (Entertainment, Music) (, , )

Heard this on CHUM FM today while at work. Didn’t know who it was. Never heard it before. All I knew was that I LOVED IT! I went to their website and clicked on their “MISSED A SONG TITLE” link (I do that often, btw) and I was surprised to see Elliot Yamin’s name. I remember Elliot (as many of you may) from American Idol Season 5. He was not attractive. He had horrible teeth. But he could sing. And he could sing WELL. He was actually my favourite of the bunch. I just loved his voice. I loved his demeanor. I loved his personality. He was a star to me and once he was eliminated I didn’t watch much more of the season. He then seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. Until today.

He’s still not that attractive. I’m not feeling all the facial hair and curly mop top. I prefer him with shorn locks. He HAS fixed his teeth, tho. It’s almost weird because his teeth make him look “odd”. He doesn’t look like Elliot to me, you know? This song though? BEAUTIFUL! The melody. The lyrics. The voice. It’s just a beautiful song. I love it.



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