The Terry Fox Run 2008

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I lost my grandmother to lung cancer this past April.  Her death from this disease is ironic because she never smoked a day in her life. I still think about her everyday. I still very much miss her. And I’m upset that I wasn’t aware the Terry Fox Run had crept up so quickly.  Had I known I would have participated. I am vowing here and now, to be at the run next year. With a heavy heart, it’s the least I can do in my grandmother’s name.

At 18 years of age, Canadian Terry Fox learned that due to bone cancer his right leg would be amputated above the knee. Terry had a terrific spirit that cancer could not defeat. During his ordeal, Terry became convinced that a cure for cancer could be found through cancer research but funds were needed.

On April 12, 1980 at St. Johns, Newfoundland, Terry dipped his artificial leg in the Atlantic Ocean and began what he called the Marathon of Hope. Terry planned to run across Canada, some 6,000 miles to raise money and awareness for cancer research. For the next 142 days he ran 26 miles per day, the marathon distance, crossing 3,000 miles until, on September 1, 1980 near Thunder Bay, Ontario, he was forced to stop. The cancer had spread to his lungs. He died on June 28, 1981, a month shy of his 23rd birthday.

Since his death, thousands of runs have been held in Canada and around the world in Terry’s name raising funds for cancer research. Terry Fox has become an international symbol of perseverance and dedication. He is a true Canadian hero.

For more information please click here .  It’s not too late to pledge a donation or show your support by participating.


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