“How Can She Slap!?!?!”

7 September 2008 at 2:23 pm (Entertainment, Funny Things) (, , , , , , , )

Indian reality game show, Dadagiri:

Disclaimer: in NO way does Corprah Lanfrey condone violence against women. In fact, I feel just the opposite. But I would be lying to all of you if I said this youtube didn’t make me bust a gut laughing.

I also want to say that I KNOW I’m about a week and a half late on this. It’s already made its mark on the Internet world but for reasons I can’t explain I just didn’t post it here. Oh well. I feel my blog wouldn’t be complete without it. Shit is comedy. It really is.

As for the content. Women have to realize that, yes, while men shouldn’t beat and slap us, we can’t just go around hitting on them because of the social stigma that “men shouldn’t hit women”. I don’t believe in that in some cases. Sometimes, women deserved to get hit. In this case,  she did. I don’t know WHY she slapped him up, but he reacted. She belted him unprovoked, he belted her back. Even if he said something that prompted her telling him to “fuck off, then” that doesn’t give her the right to slap him. Saying “fuck off then” should’ve been enough. Women have to realize that when you put your hands on a man, not all men will walk away. Be prepared for a push or shake or a head butt. LOL. You put your hands on ANYONE, they have the right to defend themselves. The law may not see it that way but PEOPLE do. I do.

But alas …. regardless, this youtube is JOKES.



  1. D Inspectah said,

    LMAOOOO i DIED of laughter when i saw this…

    I forgot where I saw this recently, most likely on Youtube too.. but I gotta agree with the guy in this situation. To be slapped like that, unprovoked, regardless of the nature of the television show, human instincts kick in and you defend yourself.

    “How can she slap?!!” <— good question

  2. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    lol .. he slapped her out of pure reflex. he didnt hesitate for SHIT! lol

  3. wong said,

    Fucking idiot those crews… Especially the male beside the bitch, why beat the contestant? The bitch deserved it… Love seeing how the contestant slap back 😆

  4. Joseph said,

    I’m with you. I was raised to never even act like I would hit a female, but my mother also taught me that if anyone ever hit me, even a woman, I was to defend myself.

    BTW, the purpose of the game show is to subject the contestants to the hazing and abuse that apparently is experienced in Indian college, only turned up to 11. It sounds like Fear Factor with a healthy dose of physical and verbal abuse thrown in. In those circumstances, I can believe that such violence might erupt between a contestant and a host.

  5. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    Joseph: thank you for your post. I admit I didn’t do any background research on the show. I dont know what led up to the slap or the premise for the game show. Thanks for the insight!

  6. nooruddin said,

    Can I go to the show ans slap the shit out of that guy also who thinks that the girl should not have been slapped. I would bitch slap the girl if I see her on the street.

  7. heyz said,

    The show is called dadagiri, a slang that means rowdy or being gangsta. The show is about endurance, the contestants are made to drink insect juices and eat spicy stuff and endure the crappy treatment and critical words from the hosts. But none of that justifies the host going overboard and slapping the contestant.

  8. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    ahh! thank you for the added feedback on the show, heyz.

  9. Pavlos said,

    I first saw this a month or two ago and was shocked then and am still shocked now. I’m wondering if the contestant has filed a lawsuit as yet, does anyone know? Does he even have a case, according to Indian law? I’m not from India so I wouldn’t know but I’d like to know.

    Also, and more interestingly, I can not find the full version of this clip. The original clip had a good few minutes of video before the slap occured.

    The disgraceful host was doing her job, trying to unsettle the contestant and make him lose his cool, as is the point of the show. She was being rude and insulting and aggressive while all the while the guy was silky smooth and very cool. He was completely unfazed by her taunts and this is why she lost it, because she tried everything and the guy just would not get upset nor even raise his voice.

    The two guys wouldn’t respond to her taunts until the victim answered her question as to why they weren’t speaking and he said, “because we don’t want to talk to you.”.

    She retaliated with “well why don’t you fuck off then?” to which the guy anwered, very calmly, “You go!”.

    Then she assaulted the man who retaliated out of complete reflex, defending himself.

    In Europe, USA, Australia, the hostess would have been arrested for assault as would the cowardly crew who decided to also attack the innocent contestant.

    This for me was the most ugly scene of the whole video. How a group of ‘respectable’, ‘working’ tv people, think it is OK to gang attack an innocent contestant on their tv show after he had already being assaulted (and defending himself in like manner) is beyond me. How on earth did not one of the crew try and stop this gang attack but all of them joined in the violence was simply appalling. They are all shameless senseless. The only man I saw in that clip was the victim/contestant/hero.

    Yes, his slap was funny, but everything else about it I find utterly disgusting. The nature of the show is gross and disgusting. The hostess is perhaps the most ugly person I’ve seen in a long time. Her language, the words she speaks and the clothes she wears are all repulsive.

    We also have this gang attack mentallity in the UK, we call the people who act this way as, thugs and criminals. That type of gang attack behaviour on a a single person is seen as perhaps the most ugly manifestation of gang mentality and is nearly always coincided with the attackers being heavily drunk and/or drugged up. From what I can see, the crew just saw it as their duty to protect the guilty woman and attack the innocent man.

    I didn’t know this type of behaviour existed in India, I always thought Indians were more placid, reasonable, intelligent, non-violent and generally more decent than your average British. Now I know that India has it’s own share of social ills also.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you for your comment.
      I honestly haven’t followed up on this story/clip at all.

      I’d imagine nothing major became of the incident just because there was no media attention after the clip made it all over the internet. of course i could be wrong.

    • blackonics said,

      you just learned that india has its own social ills?you are an idiot. over 1 billion people, with most in extreme poverty that makes whites in trailer homes and blacks in the ghetto look upper middlee class, and you just figured out they got social ills? let me guess another dumb, white, self congratualatory liberal. That woman got what she deserved. More than 50% of domestic violence cases are initiated by females. Women’s advocates and liberals don’t want you to know about this.

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