Heartbreak Is Like A Period

2 September 2008 at 7:41 pm (Love & Relationships) (, , , , , , , , , , )

What? LOL. It really is. Kind of. I’m writing this on a whim without giving it a LOT of extra thought. Just go with me. Try it.

Men are not going to be able to relate to this at all and I apologize ahead of time. But gain an understanding, if you will.

Heartache, heartbreak, whatever you want to call it, is just like when a female gets her period. Heartache will probably stay with you forever until you eventually learn to deal with it and file it away or it dissipates over a GREAT amount of time. Kinda like when you have your period for 40+ years and then menopause stops all that shit. LMFAO. Ok … no. Seriously. Depending on how long your cycle is and what your threshold for pain is, this can also be applied to how well you deal with your heart being broken.

Let’s put it out there. I have a 3-5 day cycle. (Well the days I actually menstruate.) It used to be 7 but it’s slowly dwindled down to 3-5 days. ANYWAY, when I look back to the few times I’ve had my heart broken I’ve realized I only need 3-5 days to be functionally ok. The first day or two are usually the worst. Really uncomfortable. The pain is unbearable. You get that “I just wanna lay here in bed all day” attitude and nothing matters except for the time when the pain will stop. After that initial pain, you just realize the period is an annoyance and so are these feelings of depression and despair. You no longer want to cry you just want it to be over. No more tampons, panty liners or pads. (If you are having trouble following me, it’s ok. Don’t worry about all that hahaha.)

Once you are done menstruating you’ll say: “Man oh man! I was such an idiot, such a pussy (pun not intended) to be crying and holding my tummy so long! That’s two days wasted!” You’ll probably call yourself a loser and vow to be stronger next time and not waste your days laying in bed and crying and begging for a hot water bottle.

Anyway. What I’m saying is this. The first few days after a break up will always be the worst. I tend to need a good 3 days before I can hold my head up high again, smile, laugh and my every thought isn’t consumed by the break up. I think that’s a good and healthy amount of time. Once I get through those few days I’m ok. I’m not FINE or BETTER but I’m OK. The long healing process takes much longer of course. 3 days is a good time frame. Always try to break up on a Friday, ha! Once those 3 days come and go, I’m able to go on about my day and not make that connection with “him” through songs or words or ideas or memories. I can hear or see something and not want to break down. Only takes me a couple days. But it used to take me much longer. Sad to say, but maybe I’ve become used to having my heart broken.

Heartbreak stays with you and makes you cautious and hesitant for the next time around. That in itself is almost a damn shame because you can’t really know what is what and who is who so you don’t really put yourself out there. And you don’t really trust anyone the same way, either. BUT, in spite of all that, you know that you have to do better to take care of yourself.

Ladies, when a man breaks your heart, it’s hard to not show it and be vulnerable. You want to talk to him and hold him and yell at him and kiss him and slap him and see him. All these riled up, confusing emotions. But you know what? Never make it about him. Make it about you. Don’t let a man see that vulnerability. I’m speaking from experience. When you show that side of you, they don’t care. At all. They just blink two times and turn their face. And then they focus their attention on other females. Almost immediately. So, I say do the same.

The best thing to do is focus on family first, then your friends, then your work and if all else fails: focus on another man. I recommend that last because you put yourself and the dude in a bad position but it DOES work. I won’t lie.

And know above ALL else. You are NOBODY’S fool. Don’t give anyone the benefit to sit there and see how much you love and miss them if they can’t even say the same back. They don’t care so why should you? Be strong, hold your head up high and do you. Always. Because you come first. And the only person that matters right now is #1.

#1 will never let you down. #1 will always have your best interest at heart. Even when Midol and herbal tea aren’t doing shit for your recovery 😉


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    Duly noted.

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