The Importance Of Being Married – Gemma Townley

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3 out of 5 stars

First time reading a book by Gemma Townley. It won’t be my last. What a good story. It’s endearing, charming, funny and just an all around fun read. I’m a huge chick lit fan and this book won’t disappoint if you’re into this sort of genre.

The book starts by introducing us to our heroine, Jessica Wild, who is a rather plain Jane, obsessed with work, raised by a stern and strict grandmother who told her men, romance and love are for the birds. Jess lives in a London city called Islington with her pretty and rambunctious flatmate, Helen. They are complete opposites but the dearest of friends. When Jess’ friend – an older lady she met at her grandmother’s retirement home – passes away, she learns the woman, Grace Hampton is actually Lady Hampton and has left Jess her estate worth upwards of 4 million (pounds)! But there’s a hitch. Jess, in order to make Grace happy, made up a story about being happily in love and married to her uber-successful boss, Anthony Milton. And the will is addressed to whom Grace believes Jess to be: A Mrs. Anthony Milton. Another catch: the will has to be claimed, along with papers signed, within 50 days. Quite the predicament, huh?

So Jessica, with help of Helen and a couple other crazy characters, embark on a mission to get Anthony Milton to date her, fall madly in love with her, propose to her and alas, marry her. All within 50 days. Can Jess do it?

The book and certain aspects of the plot were VERY obvious and predicatable to me, even before foreshadowing put the hints out there. I’m not sure if it was Ms. Townley’s writing style or just the fact that I pick up on things easily but nevertheless, even though I was “in the know” on characters real motives, I still enjoyed reading the book and couldn’t put it down towards the end because I was wanting desperately to know what happened next. It was quite the page turner and had a lot of heartwarming moments. None that I plan to give away here though. I’m not one for ruining another readers’ experience.

I enjoyed the different views of marriage the characters had and the part where Jess finds the perfect dress but opts for something different resonated something within me. Of course, I want and plan to get married someday and the lessons on marriage in this book weren’t lost on me. I enjoyed the fact that it’s ok to get married for the “traditionally right” reasons as well as for the “unusually wrong” ones. I know that sounds odd but if you choose to read the book, you’ll understand what I mean =)

I recommend fans of Gemma Townley to definitely read this book if they haven’t already. I plan on reading her older novels. I already have “Learning Curves” on board.  I also implore new fans to check her out. I enjoyed her simple, comprehensive and entertaining writing.

On another note: The editor, writer and never miss a thing part of me has to point out that there was a mistake, late in the book, where the main character Jess is actually called “Jen” and there is no correction/explanation as to why. One can only assume it was a mistake on Townley’s editors’ part.


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