Grown Show & Tell

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I remember as a young girl I used to LOVE Show & Tell at school. I’d love to bring in my stuffed animals, my Barbies or even what toy or new book I happend to get that week. It was GREAT! I remember the pride I felt when the other boys and girls “oooh’d” and “ahh’d” over my presentations. I remember some even being jealous and wishing they had what I did. And at times, I’d get a little jealous of what they would show, too.

Those were the days.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m class, watching Show & Tell, but with “grown” folks. Only this time I’m not seeing Raggedy Ann, My Little Pony, Transformers or G.I Joe. Instead I’m seeing little Breanna and young Stevie.

Yea, that’s right. I feel like I’m seeing KIDS being brought into the classroom. Only the classroom has now become the real world.

I am SO sick of grown women (and some men, too) parading their kids around like toys or collecters items. It makes me sick.

I’m seeing mothers dress up their kids in the flyest and latest designer wears and I’m like,  “wait a second. Why does a 2 yr old need Rocawear shoes or a Baby Phat dress? They’re only going to grow out of it in a few months.”  I mean, dont get me wrong, it’s nice to want nice things for your children but their wardrobe SHOULD consist of Disney, Dora and Max & Ruby as much as Baby Phat, Rocawear and Nike. Have a few nice pieces for your child but don’t dress them in nothing but “grown folks clothing.” Let your child be a CHILD. Let them enjoy their youth and innocence. The world is already a hard enough place to grow up in. The last thing they need is their own parent(s) forcing fashion and other grown things on them.

I don’t understand the logic of having a toddler wearing make up or hoop earrings. I don’t understand why they have teased hair and their bellies showing in crop tops. I think it’s materialistic, disgusting and irresponsible on the adults part. If you show a child that this is how to be from that young of an age, tell me what you think they’ll be like when they get to be 10, 12 and 15?

I have little sympathy for the parent’s and would love to flash forward to see what their kids are like in their pre-teens and teens. I would love to laugh at the lack of control they’ll have. But I can’t. More than anything I feel sorry for the child. They never really had a chance, did they?

We, as parents, are supposed to mold, guide, discipline and culture our children. As cliche as it sounds, they really ARE our future. Every generation is becoming dumber than the last. Every generation is becoming more materialisic. We live in the age of technology. Our children have fallen victim to computers, tv shows and video games. Technology has overtaken outdoor activities, sports and the park. Kids don’t ride bikes anymore, they ride each other! Harsh, maybe but it’s the honest truth! In light of a video that recently hit the internet, (of two young kids that cant be any older than 7, showing them dancing with each other rather provacatively) I have nothing to say other than parent’s need to step up and do better. Much better. Stop blaming teachers and schools and the media. Look in the mirror. A proper upbringing begins at home and the responsibility falls on no one’s shoulders BUT the parents’.

PARENT your child and stop trying to be their best friend. They aren’t going to hate you for telling them no. Kids actually thrive on rules and discipline. They don’t know any better and they look to us to tell them what to do. They WANT us to show them right from wrong.

Do your part and be their support system. Stop trying to gain fame through them because everyone says how “stylish” or “cute” they are. Getting credit for how you style your child is awful in my opinion. How about hearing how bright or well mannered your child is? Is that not more meaningful?

Then again, it’s usually people that have yet to grow up themselves being guilty of the things I’m speaking of. So it’s almost a lost cause. Put your children first and raise them to be productive members of society. I’m tired of seeing kids growing up before they have to. It’s sad … truly, truly sad.


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