King of Comedy Dead At 50

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It’s messing with me that Bernie Mac has passed. I’m not sure why it’s hitting me this hard. Clearly, I didn’t know the man. But I followed his career. Loved every last one of his stand up routines. From his Def Jam days to The Original Kings of Comedy to The Bernie Mac show. I think the reason I’m so upset is because he was so young. And I had heard he was getting better from his pneumonia. So, imagine my shock when I turned on my computer this morning to see he’d passed. I am still in shock. He was 50. He was only 50.

A couple weeks ago, I was bored at home and watched a Punk’d marathon on Much Music and Bernie’s episode was airing. Bernie cracked me up even as he was being Punk’d and didn’t know it. I don’t watch that show often but he’s the only celeb that I can remember that refused to admit he was punk’d. In classic Mac Man style he said: “Y’all ain’t punk me.” And that’s all it was.

The way I feel right now, is the same way I felt when I heard about George Carlin’s passing as well as Gerald Levert’s death. Just out of the blue, sudden and unexpected. It’s sad for everyone. Of course my prayers go out to Mr. Mac’s family and friends. I hope God shelters them with immense love in this time. My thoughts are also with his fans. George Clooney, upon hearing of Bernie’s death said: “The world just got a little less funny.” He couldn’t be more right.

One of my favourite clips of Bernie Mac:

Rest In Peace, Bernie Mac. You will surely be missed.

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough: October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008
See article:

Late comedian, Bernie Mac

Late comedian, Bernie Mac


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