Lack Of Ambition: Sexy Or Not?

15 July 2008 at 5:07 pm (Rants) (, , , , )

I know you’re probably thinking … is she serious? Is she REALLY asking if lack of ambition is sexy or not? Well, the answer isnt always as obvious as we think it is.  We hear all the time the qualities people look for in a mate. Whether those qualities are intelligence, sense of humour, big tits or rich … everyone has the things they want in a partner set in stone (for the most part, anyway). But over the years, in talking to ppl about this topic, I rarely see “ambition” on their lists. Why? The older you get ambition should probably be #1. No one likes a lazy bastard, right? ………….. Right?

I used to think that maybe it was just a given .. kind of like how no one wants an ugly partner .. or a dumb ass. I mean, who REALLY wants a lazy bum? No one I know BUT … lately, haha … I’m starting to think that maybe a bum is whats sexy now. A bum is what’s hot in the streets. NO, I’m not talking about the gluteus maximus.

I’ll use myself as an example: I work hard and have since I was 16 yrs old. I no longer live at home and sometimes I stress about how I’m going to make ends meet but thats what I’m supposed to do … no? Being in my late 20’s that’s what should be expected of me, right? So, pardon me if I find it hard to sympathize with someone in my situation that takes the easy way out. Actually, bump that .. I dont sympathize at all.

That’s one example.

Here’s another: what about the people who are my age … and live at home, dont work, dont go to school, just mooch off mommy and daddy all day? Those people have nothing to do … at ALL with life. They are so disconnected from having responsibilities that I’ll talk to them about “paying my bills and being behind on this one or that one” and they say “i knooooooooow what you mean, ma!” …. when they dont know shit cuz the only thing they worry about is their bullshit “pay as you go” cell phone bill.

If you are in ur late 20’s but live at home cuz you are saving for your own home or because you are in school and cant afford to live on your own, I’m not speaking about you … those circumstances are normal and understandable. I’m talking about ppl that do NOTHING but are still at home. LOL.

Now .. to the point I’m getting at:


Explain to me why vaggabonds get love from ppl? VAGGABONDS are wutless!!! (Um, thats slang for worthless). Why do people PRAISE these bums for doing nothing with their life? Maybe I’m no one to you but I cant respect a person like this. I laugh at you .. to your face and behind your back and I talk about how pathetic you are. Then again, if someone is like this, they probably dont care that me, or someone like me, speaks ill of them .. I mean, they dont even care enough about their own life to do something with it.

People … we need to stand up and say NO to bums … lol .. tell them how we REALLY feel and make them KNOW they are wutless. Seriously. Because there is NOTHING cute about a broke person that refuses to work, go to school or move out of mommy or daddy’s crib. I mean, y’all are ONE step away from being a certified squeegee kid (LMFAO .. lemme stop – gosh, im an asshole) – actually .. wait … y’all are WORSE than squeegee kids .. cuz those motherfuckers actually WORK for their change …. damn

And if you are guilty of feeding that person’s ego you should be ashamed of yourself.

**Taken from my notes on Facebook

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  1. Tai said,

    Well, since I don’t have Facebook for the time being, I can agree with you. Ambition to me is something worth the damn. Considering the fact that I am 19 years old, going into my third year, and already saving for my OWN apartment when I move out. Also having hopes and dreams of being a news anchor means the world to me. I have to find some kind of ambition in my partner, I can’t take the ones who you have mentioned who just don’t do SHIT when living with their parents. Heediot ting dat. But none the less, I’m proud of my ambitions and keeping my head up until I achieve my goal!

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