You Know … I Love Prince (carried over from BlogSpot)

6 June 2007 at 6:53 pm (Celebrity, Random, Raves)

When I’m bored at home I listen to music. Music is my escape. My passion. My past time. My lover. My friend. My blanket. My home away from home.

Music is my life.

So I’m on Imeem, which I LOVE, and I’m just adding new songs to and making a playlist and I was thinking: “I need some Prince in my life”.

In going through all the songs by Prince and although I knew this already, I was yet AGAIN impressed with his catalogue. I never thought I’d be able to pick a favourite song but I have.

Prince’s Adore is my absolute favourite. After that I’d have to say I love Purple Rain and Kiss.

He’s a metrosexual, tiny waisted, pint sized genius. He’s quite the diva, cocky even but I think he’s earned that. He’s an amazing artist and I think if I ever met him I’d just stand there and stare. Some people you just know they are larger than life. He’s one of those people.

And I truly adore him.


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